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Devil's Own

Devil's Own

Devil's Keepers #3

Megan Crane

Devil's Own by Megan Crane

Reviewed by Helen

This is the third story in this series and wow am I enjoying them they certainly heat you up, I am sure the pages were scorching me as I turned them, and the hero in this one is Ryan “Chaser” Frey and he is one fierce strong bad boy hero he is The Enforcer in the Louisiana Bayou’s Devil’s Keepers MC and he is about to meet his match in the form of school teacher Lara Ashburn who happens to be his daughter’s teacher. Make yourself comfortable and sit back and enjoy this steaming hot sensual ride.

Lara has a past with bikers and she hates them she left that life behind years before and has somehow landed in the town of Lagrange where the weather is hot and steamy and it is a biker’s town perhaps Lara can help the students at the local high school, so when one of her students is having problems Lara ensures that the father of this girl comes in for a meeting, but oh what a meeting it is Lara has found her fix but that is not what she wanted when she meets the The Enforcer and that meeting is smoking hot.

Chaser’s life revolves around his motorcycle club and his daughter Kaylee, he is a single father and when he is summoned to the school he is not happy but meeting his daughter’s teacher is about to change his life in lots of ways. MS Ashburn is tiny gorgeous and is not scared to stand up to him and she has a mouth on her that makes him think that she knows a lot about bikers and the discussion between them leads to a very steamy dirty meeting.

This journey to a HEA is an awakening for Lara about what she really wants after her life growing up and Chaser wanting a woman so much their relationship gets both of them to open up and heat up, be prepared because the sex is hot and lots of it and very erotic and the story line is fabulous. I loved learning more about the problems in the club and am looking forward to more in this series. I highly recommend this one but keep a fan and a cool drink close by.

4/5 stars for a great story

Published May 16th 2017 by Loveswept      

Falling for the Rebel Princess by Ellie Darkins

Reviewed by Nas Dean

FALLING FOR THEREBEL PRINCESS by author Ellie Darkins is a May 2017 release by Harlequin Romance series.

Princess Charlie goes to Las Vegas and gets herself married to Joe Kavanagh. But now she has to explain why and how of it to everybody. After all she is a princess and Joe is a commoner. And a rock star at that.

They come up with the idea that they will pretend to be in love and let the publicity die.
But could they separate when the time comes?

Read FALLING FORTHE REBEL PRINCESS by author Ellie Darkins and find out what happens to Charlie and Joe and how they finally manage to reach their happily ever after.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 

Always You

Always You

Joanne Dannon

Always You by Joanne Dannon

Reviewed Helen
A really lovely moving story of lovers reunited after hearts had been broken, there is a lot of water under the bridge for Bea Morgan-Young and Nigel Ashworth (Ash) and Bea has decided it is time to make amends let Ash know how much he means to her so a trip to Israel is on.

Bea has had a troubled life and has finally found peace with the help of an old friend and is finally ready to go after the only man she can love she is praying that he will listen to her and believe that she is a changed person. Bea is a lot stronger than she ever has been but is she willing to compromise for Ash?

Ash has been humiliated by Bea twice before and it will take a lot more than the electrical spark that is still there between them to make him believe her, you see that sensual pull was never a problem it was talking to each other the give and take in a relationship that it needed, they need to open up to each other first.

This was a fast paced emotional story with such a fabulous setting that added to the spark and openess between Bea and Ash, of course there are a few ups and downs along the way to a lovely HEA that had me smiling with the true love that is finally there for them both. Thank you MS Dannon for a great story that left me in a happy place.

4/5 stars for a great story

Published 2017 by Clarendon 3 Publishing

Betting the Bad Boy

Betting the Bad Boy

Behind the Bar #3

Stefanie London

Betting the Bad Boy by Stefanie London

Reviewed by Helen

This is one book that I have really been looking forward to and MS London has nailed it with a sexy sizzling fun story that did such justice to Noah who we had met in the first two books in this series no worries if you haven’t read them this one can be read as a stand- alone (but I do highly recommend the first 2 as well). So clear the decks and sit back and get comfortable as we see Noah meet the woman that will change his life.

Noah Reid has been through a lot growing up and has left him with issues but he is now a man who is comfortable with himself he does not like commitment he is gorgeous, caring, hard- working and has the best personality he loves his job at the bar and restaurant First that is owned by one of his best friends Des. Des is off on holidays and Noah is in charge and he needs to hire a new staff member and when Paige Thomas walks in for a coffee and ends up getting an interview for the job Noah does not see that his life is going to change in a big way, Paige will break down those walls he has built up around him.

Paige has moved to the big city from the country she is the one who wants perfection she comes from a loving family that brings her up positive and ready to go out and get what she wants and says things as they are but getting that accountancy job that she really wants is not as easy as she thought so maybe fate has a way of stepping in and a coffee will change her life with meeting the gorgeous Noah. Paige wants it all love, family and commitment she has been hurt before and is determined that no one night stands will do for her.

This one had me cheering Noah and Paige on very loudly I laughed and sighed throughout this story Paige was everything that the sometimes vulnerable Noah needed in his life she made him feel that everything was possible and he taught her that perfection might not be all that it is made out to be. This is really a very sensual and steamy and moving journey to such a beautiful HEA woohoo MS London I loved it from start to finish a keeper and a must read thank you 

5/5 stars fro a fabulous story

Published May 8th 2017 by Entangled Publishing (Lovestruck)

The Prince's Captive Virgin by Maisey Yates (Once Upon a Seduction #1)

Review by TashNz - 4 Stars

Captivating tale with the essence of Beauty and the Beast. 

I really enjoyed this read because I was captivated to see how the heroine could be written to genuinely love the hero given his appearance and that technically she had been kidnapped but Maisey Yates managed it well as she always does when she spins creatively.

Another reason I enjoyed the read was because while it followed the famed Beauty and the Beast story it was still it's own story and I loved the faithfulness it had.

A very captivating tale, as old as time :)

Conveniently Wed to the Greek by Kandy Shepherd

Conveniently Wed to the Greek

Kandy Shepherd

Conveniently Wed to the Greek by Kandy Shepherd

Reviewed by Helen

MS Shepherd has taken me on a trip to Greece one place that is on my bucket list and even more so now, she has described the islands and landmarks so well and bought them to life for me as well as a vulnerable and caring Greek hero Alex Mikhalis who is just gorgeous in so many ways as he finally realizes his love for an old adversary Adele (Dell) Hudson. Sit back and make yourself comfortable because you are not going to want to put this one down.

Alex has been to hell and back firstly working so hard to build his business a business that was started by his grandfather in Australia being a playboy and multi- millionaire at a young age makes him a magnet with the paparazzi but all of that changes when he gets a bad review of his restaurant and takes the blogger to court, and then he loses someone very close to him in a very tragic way, Alex goes to Greece and starts over again, so when he runs into the blogger at a friend’s spa things are a bit tense, but Alex is determined to hire Dell to work with him on his new project.

Dell has been through a divorce since the court case Alex had bought against her and is now out of a job and is trying to get back on track, visiting friends at Dolphin Bay she is stunned when she runs into Alex but he has changed a lot and yes she feels for him and what he has been through. So when offered the job of a lifetime Dell takes it goes to Greece and they are working well together, her feelings for Alex are growing everyday but when Dell finds out she is pregnant this could change everything, but she is over the moon about the baby.

This is such a beautiful, moving and emotional journey with an awesome setting to a gorgeous HEA to see both Alex and Dell open up as they work together is a real page turner these two deserve so much in like and are perfect together there are so many beautiful emotions, tears, sighs and so much joy. Thank you MS Shepherd for another beauty I loved it, I really need to visit Greece.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story
Published May 9th 2017 by Harlequin Presents

Reviewed by Nas Dean

CONVENIENTLY WEDTO THE GREEK by author Kandy Shepherd is a May 2017 release by Harlequin Romance series.

Adele Hudson was out of job and  Alex Mikhalis offered her one. She took it and moved to Athens. But then she found out she was pregnant…what would happen now? Would she be out of job again?

Alex never wanted to date a solo mum or bring up another man’s child, yet that was what he agreed to. Could he ever bring himself to accept the child and Adele as his own?

Read CONVENIENTLY WED TO THE GREEK to find out what happened next. Author Kandy Shepherd brought a swoon-worthy hero to live on the pages with a strong heroine. Readers would root for them to get together.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


The Italian's Vengeful Seduction

The Italian's Vengeful Seduction

Claimed by a Billionaire #2

Bella Frances

The Italian's Vengeful Seduction by Bella Frances

Reviewed by Helen

Well what a feisty and passionate journey to a HEA this one is, the hero and heroine certainly set off fireworks when they are around each other which makes for a story that will keep you turning the pages to see what happens next.

Tycoon Marco Borsatto has made a lot of money over the years but there is one thing that he still really wants and that is the old family home in the town he grew up in Montauk lost to him ten years before after the break down of his parent’s marriage and there was also someone else who had meant a lot to him beautiful Stacey Jackson and now ten years later Stacey literally lands back in his life with a lot of feisty spark still in her.

Stacey is a person who says what she thinks and always has and it has caused her a lot of problems over the years especially while growing up in Montauk she always felt like she came from the wrong side of the tracks her parent’s marriage had broken down and when she said the wrong thing to the only person that she was friends with well everything changes Stacey moved away and got on with life, fast forward ten years and that only friend is back in her life will things be different this time?

I really enjoyed this one it really is a very sensual up and down journey to a HEA lots happening lots of things said that shouldn’t have been and lots to talk about. I smiled and sighed throughout this story and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good feisty story

4/5 for a great story

Published April 18th 2017 by Harlequin Presents

The Dangerous Billionaire

The Dangerous Billionaire

Tate Brothers #1

Jackie Ashenden

The Dangerous Billionaire by Jackie Ashenden

Reviewed by Helen

Well MS Ashenden has done it again in my opinion written a fabulous emotionally packed story that had me turning the pages as Van and Chloe get closer, the pull between them is strong and has been there for a long time, you see they are foster siblings and now that their foster father has passed away there are a lot of secrets that have been uncovered and a lot to be done to keep the family oil business.

Van was adopted when young and worked hard to be what his foster father wanted sent away to school then into the navy Sullivan “Van” Tate is a SEAL not a businessman and has a lot to prove as he sees it, so when his father dies he is called on to protect at all costs his foster sister Chloe and the family business, he has not been around the family ranch in Wyoming much and Chloe has been running it on her own for some time now so this is not going to be a straight forward task for Van especially with an enemy closing in.

Chloe has grown into a strong and beautiful woman but when she is left nothing in her father’s will and is suddenly told she needs to leave the ranch and go to New York and meet up with the one foster brother that she has always felt close to and with a threat to her life things are going to change for Chloe in a big way. And boy does she show her strength when push comes to shove.

I loved the way that MS Ashenden has put Van and Chloe through the wringer so to speak she makes them jump through ropes the passionate and sensual pull lights up the pages seeing Van come to realize his love for Chloe and the sheer determination in Chloe as she pushes him to the limits and herself is amazing yes I loved this one and am very much looking forward to the next one in the series another two Tate yes please.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published May 2nd 2017 by St. Martin's Paperbacks

Sicilian's Baby of Shame by Carol Marinelli (Billionaire's and One Night Heirs #3)

Review by TashNz | 4 Stars

I enjoyed my second story in this trilogy of books.  I like how the two characters met and how Sophie on that one particular day threw all caution to the wind and went with her instincts.  Two highly unlikely characters to get a happy ever after together did so in a story that was entertaining, unique and a very interesting read.

I love how Bastiano was portrayed to the outside world as an unlikeable chap but from Sophie's eyes she's seen nothing but "nice".  I was intrigued by his back story and am very much looking forward to Sophie's friends story where she is marrying the Sultan!

A story I literally made myself finish in one sitting, so bleary eyed this morning and one that I recommend to all who love something different, something that pushes boundaries on the characters and anyone who loves Carol Marinelli's wonderful world of imagination.

Before the Dawn by Cynthia Eden (Killer Instinct #2)

Before the Dawn
by Cynthia Eden
Review by TashNz | 5 Stars

Wow! Loved the suspense, intrigue and the drama of this story which was by an author I have not read before and a series I'm now 200% interested in!

I liked how the story jumped right in. I was fully invested. I made the mistake of reading the first page at a time it was impossible to sit down and keep going... I couldn't wait to get back to it and find out who the killer was. 

I was questioning if Tucker was involved, although deep down I thought unlikely but i liked how it could have been possible. I liked the flashbacks - or sidebacks - not sure what you call them when the main story is occurring and then there's a snippet of what the bad guy is doing. I liked how all the characters were established and the preview of the next book at the end of the story - OMIGOSH! 

A suspenseful and drama filled tale of a killer on the loose, trying to establish who he is while time runs out and watching long lost love get a second chance. 

Loved loved loved it!